GTI Tours Podcast

#4 The Fifth Gospel — Interview with Gary Burge

Episode Summary

Dr. Gary Burge is our special guest on this podcast. His extensive study of the New Testament, specifically the Gospel of John, lends insight today in his comparison teaching of John 5 and John 9. He reminds us that the scriptures are a timeless message but not a timeless story. In order to understand the message, we must understand the context; the best way to understand the context is to experience it in the Land where the events took place. Visit for photos, links, and more from this episode.

Episode Notes

Originally from Southern California, Gary was an undergraduate at the University of California, Riverside, and The American University of Beirut, Lebanon. He attended Fuller Theological Seminary and King's College, The University of Aberdeen, Scotland. In Scotland he studied with I. Howard Marshall earning a Ph.D. in New Testament. He served on the faculties of King College (Tennessee), North Park University (Illinois) and after 25 years at Wheaton College (Illinois) he joined the faculty of Calvin Theological Seminary (Michigan) in 2017.

Gary speaks widely in churches and conferences both in the United States and in various countries. He has traveled extensively, particularly in the Middle East. He is ordained in the Presbyterian Church, USA, and served as a military chaplain (USNR). For over 15 years he was a regular teacher at Willow Creek Community Church in S. Barrington, IL.